About Us

Established in 1887, Beaumont, Texas


 In 1887, a group of believers, under the direction of Reverend G. W. Dickey, founded True Vine Christian Church located at the old schoolhouse on Collier Ferry Road, currently known as Pine Street.

 During the next thirteen years at the Collier Ferry Road location, two other ministers served as Pastor, they include Reverend Tom Dickerson, and Reverend James Davis.

 In 1900, property was purchased at 1370 Forrest Street and a new Sanctuary was built and subsequently the name was changed to Forrest Street Christian Church under the leadership of Reverend Davis.

The ministers serving after Reverend Davis were Reverend Troy Taylor, Reverend G. W. Taylor, Reverend Miller, Reverend Little, Reverend Night, Reverend H. M. Johnson, Reverend H. S. Gearon, Reverend H. M. Johnson was called back, Reverend Brown, Reverend Burnett, Reverend Ramsey, Reverend Calley, Reverend Tracey, and Reverend Hicks.

 In 1923, under the direction of Reverend Hicks, the old structure was torn down and a smaller sanctuary was built. Following the leadership of Pastor Hicks were Reverend Willie Bowles, Reverend Hawkins, Reverend Beal, Sister Davis, Reverend R. H. Page, Reverend Raymond Brown, Dr. G. Augustus Burke and Reverend Horace E. Williams, Sr.

 In 1990, the 1370 Forrest Street structure, in desperate need of major renovation and deemed unsafe and too costly to repair, was abandoned and we worshipped in the main Chapel of Mercy Funeral Home for two years.

 The Pastor and members began a search for a new location and in 1993 with the help of friends and family, our current sanctuary was purchased.

In 1992 under the leadership of Rev. H. E. Williams this sanctuary was purchased at 723 Corley Street and once again the name was changed to reflect our Journey of Faith to Temple of Praise. Rev. Williams was pastor until his death in 2014 he was pastor for 34 years.

In 2015 the members elected Pastor Freddie Nelson and Assistant Pastor Kevon Miller. Under the direction of Pastor Nelson the church name was changed to Temple of Faith Christian Fellowship to reflect the principals and beliefs of the members and pastor. The church is undergoing some much needed renovations and is looking forward to what God has in store for us all.